Scooter Buddy Blog Tour for Sew Outnumbered

Okay, I know we all know this by now, but I have to point it out once again...how awesome is this Scooter Buddy?!

(and how awesome is it that I get to be a part of the Tour for this genius little bag??) 

When Nat from Sew Outnumbered originally put together this tutorial for Sew McCool, the Scooter Buddy went to the top of my to-do list. Although I try, my little man doesn't get as much Mama-Made as his sister does. (In my defense, his sister is much more demanding of my sewing prowess than he is right now!;) Being able to be a part of this blog tour alongside so much talent is just icing on the cake! 

You've spent the last week checking out all the other handsome (and lovely!) Scooter Buddies...now let's take a peek at mine. I'll show you some of my favorite features, and throw in a couple pictures of sweet little preschool hands, still sporting baby dimples! (Who can resist that??)

Nat hit the nail on the head with the concept for this thing. A simple solution for hydration-on-wheels that is washable, durable, and doesn't have to be carried by Mom!  The tutorial is easy to follow, quick to come together, and leaves plenty of room for personal alterations. 

The zipper pocket is perfect for treasures...or as Amy so aptly put it, my keys and cell phone!! These yoga pants don't have pockets, son! 

My Boy can easily maneuver his water bottles in and out of it, so it gives him complete control..something I've heard that preschoolers love...ahem. 

With three secure straps, it also holds up to tugging from little hands. (And scooters that tip over. And fingers that like the sound of velcro ripping apart. If you're dealing with these sorts of things.) 

And Bonus! If you're feeling indecisive, and decide on a whim to ride your bike instead, The Scooter Buddy will happily pull double-duty! 

So there you have it...the many ways we love our Scooter Buddy! Thanks for the wonderfully useful tutorial, Nat! 

And thanks to all of you for stopping by! If you haven't had a chance to review the other inspiring ladies on the Scooter Buddy Blog Tour, it's worth your time to go check them out now! 


  1. You are too kind Nichole!! I absolutely LOVE your version with the vintage cars :) I'm so glad everyone's on board with the whole "time for the kids to carry all.the.things" for a change - haha!! Thanks again for joining the tour :)

    1. It was so fun! Count me in for the next one! ;)

  2. Gorgeous fabric on your scooter buddy, Nicole!!! I have to admit, I'm guilty of sewing more for girls, too.

    1. Thank you, Pam! It is so easy to whip up a cute skirt...or something else girly! I'm trying to be better for my little man...this is a perfect quick one for him! (of course...now his sister wants one...!!!)


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