fourth of july tie dye

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! 

It seems like one of the most popular projects for little ones this weekend will be tie dying! Since my two and I recently tie dyed our own shirts, I thought I'd share a brief run-down of our process...and our results! 

To start with, with a 7 year old and a 4 year old, I chose the easiest tie dye kit I could find: pre-made, pre-bottled. The kit came with rubber bands, but I splurged for an extra bag at the local dollar store, and I'm glad I did. 
We followed the packaged instructions, and left our shirts to set for about 10 hours. 
When rinsing the shirts, I used cold water on the tank top, and hot water on the tee. In hindsight, I think the whites on the tank top stayed truer...though I released more of the extra dye off the tee with the hot water. 
I put each shirt onto a cookie pan after I rinsed it, to keep any stray dye contained. It also made it very easy to carry the shirts to the washer, without worrying about excess dripping. 
My biggest hassle with this project was not, surprisingly, keeping the kids dye-free. It was keeping myself dye free. The gloves provided were bulky and large, and made it hard to work on the project. (You can see spots on the shirts where blue dye touched red dye. I blame the gloves.) So I did what seemed rational at the time. I took off the gloves. 

Yeah. Not my finest moment. I briefly looked like I was turning Smurf, and I tried a couple of remedies to get dye off my fingers. What worked out the best for me (besides time) was a mixture of Dawn dish soap and baking soda. 
Also, I should mention that I washed our shirts in cold water, not the hot the package recommended. I added an extra rinse, too. (Just for those who worry about staining their washer, I ran an empty rinse cycle just to be sure before washing a regular load, and have had no problems with the following loads.) 

So there you have it! Our tie-dying tips! 

Whatever your weekend holds, I hope it's a fun one! Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. These are so cute! I almost bought a similar kit, but I thought the kids would go crazy waiting that long. Send me photos of the kids in the shirts. Where is yours?


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