a halloween that is happy we wish you!

My two favorite Jedi are all set. They've got The Force on their side, and plan on putting it to good use in the form of candy gathering. Luke's even got his lightsaber at the ready. Because you can never be too careful. 

In case you're curious (or have last minute costumes to whip up), here's a brief run down on mine:
Leia: A peasant dress using white knit. White tights. Amazing buns. 
Luke: Pajama pants made from the sleeves of a men's long sleeve tee shirt. White long sleeve tee with a simple fleece tunic over it. Women's socks with feet cut off for leg wraps. 
And both Jedi are wearing belts made from FOE. 

There you have it! Ready for their night of treats! 
Here's to a big night with all of our little ghosties and goblins...may it be happy and warm!! 


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