lazy summer day dress (now with FOE!)

I should totally own this, and say that this is my lazy summer day dress.

(Well..."my" as in I sewed it.)

But here's how this went down: I thrifted an xxl tall men's tee with these cool blue/white stripes. I stared at it for the longest time, trying to decide what it would grow up to be. A coordinating knit top/bottom set for my son? A fun knit dress for my daughter? A rag? Finally, I just got tired of staring at it (and really didn't want it to become a rag), so I pulled it to the table, and just cut. I basically cut two trapezoids (using the existing hem)...and then I stared at at those for awhile. 

Eventually, I decided to get over myself, and just make a quick pillowcase sundress for my daughter. And here is where the "lazy" comes in. 

I simply sewed the front and back together, then folded the material over in the arms to make a fake bias tape look. (lazy lazy lazy. I told you!) Then, I created my tubes for the tie, but used some white FOE I had on hand, instead of the traditional pull-and-tie. And you know what? 

I kind of love it. 

It's super simple for my daughter to pull on, and easy to throw in the wash. I definitely will be using FOE for a dress like this again in the future! 

So there it is. Lazy, but successful. Kind of what summer is all about, though, right? 


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