winning lots of buttons

And recently, I did! I entered into a random drawing over at Craftiness Is Not Optional for a gift certificate to Lots Of Buttons, and holycow!  I won

I totally flipped out when I realized I had, quite literally, lots and lots of buttons to spend my gift certificate on! If you have not checked out the Lots of Buttons site yet, you can not even begin to imagine their selection. Seriously. In addition to synthetic, they have metal, shell, wooden...the list goes on. Their goal is to eventually have every button you could ever look for on their site. I'd say they're well on their way! 

It was hard to chose, but I narrowed it down to these beauties, because quite honestly, they made me happy to look at. (My daughter was totally psyched with how much they looked like candy!) 

I have all sorts of button ideas running through my head...but maybe these are too pretty to use?? 

Doesn't matter. I know where to go for more! 

Many, many thanks to both Lots of Buttons and Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional! 

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  1. oh my gosh! great choices! I need me some of those solids with the white bands-perfect! So glad you won!


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