reality (plus a sumper simple DIY)

Things aren't always what they seem, are they? I'd like to show you this:

I could now start talking about the new mannequin & the outfit she's wearing. I could let you imagine that everything is as serene and calm around here as this picture may suggest. But now I'd like you to see  this:

This is my reality. That little tyke tucked off to the side there? Yeah. He will always choose the moment I want to snap a picture of my sewing to dump a cup full of squinkies out in the direct shot. (which is why there's a yellow squinky peaking out in the first shot.) I erased all the pictures that included one of my dogs in the foreground. But here you have it: my day to day. And it makes me smile. 

Okay, onto the outfit. I whipped this up using left over french knit terry from a bathrobe I made my daughter. It could not be simpler. I am going to use this as pre & post swimwear for my little girl. She loves it because it's strapless (as it's only  for use over a suit!) I love it because it will be easier than trying to keep a towel wrapped around her after she's out of the water. 

Here's the  quick & dirty DIY:
*Sew a pair of shorts using your favorite short pattern. (or make your own pattern!)
*Cut a rectangle with your remaining fabric, with your desired length and width. (Make sure the width includes enough room for gathering). 
*Hem one long side of rectangle. 
*Sew the two short sides together to create one seam (which will go down the back) You should now have a tube, one side hemmed & one unfinished.
*Create a casing for elastic on the unfinished side of the tube. Measure child's chest for elastic length, and place elastic. 
*Finish casing, marvel at your mastery of quick-project sewing skills! 

Take pride in your reality! Everything (and everyone!) you put time into is really worth your efforts! 

(oh, PS...our mannequin was acquired for dirt cheap at a going-out-of business sale. My daughter has named her Crystal.)

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