popolok design nelia pattern with promo code!

Meet: The Nelia Top & Dress! 

So you've heard me rave about Popolok Design patterns before...and I've got another beautiful one to show you today! 

This pattern is chock full of options for you to create in sizes 1-8, with three different neckline options, three different sleeve choices, and three different styles in length! It's like getting at least three patterns in one! 

I was able to pattern test the Nelia Maxi Dress for Popolok Design. As always, the instructions are so thorough. Also, I had a question along the way, emailed Alviana (the owner) and received a reply back promptly! I barely had time to pour myself a diet coke! 

I used a cotton voile for my dress, with lace trim and wooden buttons. Isn't that color so pretty and soft? I also used the extra trim and material to pull together a classic hair bow for her. 

And as for the end result...well, it's perfect. Just ask my daughter. She calls it her "dancing dress", and loves to twirl and run in it, just to watch the skirt float out around her! (She is the ultimate princess!)

(yeah, yeah, that's great...but get to the promo code, right??!) 

***Okay, here it is! For today only, Popolok Design is giving you 20% off of an already sweet price on the Nelia Top & Dress Pattern! It's as simple as entering in the promo code NELIA at check out!***  Just head on over to their Etsy page to make your purchase! 

If you're looking to nab one (or more) of Popolok Design's patterns, this is a great one to begin with! 


  1. Love the button header! The dress is really cute. The lace trim makes the dress look very special. G looks so very princess-y.

  2. Thank you for testing for us! The maxi dress is very lovely indeed! I just love the lace trim on a plain color fabric. That's brilliant & sweet combination. Thank you again! I also love your headbands! :)


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