play among the stars! (I'm back)

I get so excited when the Celebrate the Boy series begins over on Made and Made by Rae! Sometimes, it seems that I can find a million cute ideas to put together for my girl, but for my son...it's limited, to be sure.

So. When Dana from Made graciously posted a free pattern for her Basic Tee, I decided to challenge myself to put together a few things for my boy. It was timely, too, as I had already pulled a bunch of fabric/old material to put together some essentials for him (such as pj pants and shorts). With those things accomplished, I thrifted some fun tees, and got to work!

A hearty Hello to L's "Play Among the Stars" shirt!

This tee was a size large originally (women's. Don't worry...he's two and a half. He doesn't care.) So I knew that I had one shot at making this a shirt that would both fit him (he's 90%tile in height) and look boyish.

Knowing that I wanted to add the collar, I began by giving the shirt a simple v cut in the front. Then, using another polo shirt of his as a guide, I cut and attached the collar. I used bias tape to cover the seam along the neck line, because the knit was getting squirrely, and I didn't want to fuss with hiding inner seams. (Read: I was being lazy. Or in a hurry.)

(Let's go with in a hurry.)

The whole time I was working with this shirt, I had Sinatra singing "Fly Me To The Moon" bouncing around in my head.  Thus, the "Let Me Play Among the Stars" title seemed more than appropriate. I added a rocket by hand with embroidery floss, which delighted my son. (Those pants? The length? yeah...the reason I was on a mission to knock a few new pair out!)

While I in no way call myself an expert seamstress/pattern alterer? alternator? I am fairly pleased with how this shirt turned out. Hurray for Celebrate the Boy!

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    1. Thank you...I have been enjoying your creations, as well!!

  2. Such a cute shirt! And I love the embroidery. I didn't notice it before these photos. I cannot believe you just added a collar, so cool.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's gratifying that he does, too :)

  4. Yes, I LOVE that embroidered rocket ship - so fun!!

    1. Thank you...I was surprised by how excited he was by it, as well. Makes it extra worth the effort :)

  5. SO cute! And the rocket is so charming!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate you checking out and commenting on my posts :)

  6. He looks so cute in it, and it's fun that he loves it so much too! Great job! Again!


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