{personality print canvas: a tutorial}

I have a niece who loves lions. Love of lions + a new house + a birthday = a fabulous excuse to whip up something personal especially for her! 

Her name is Madelyn...for a little bit of fun, I created a Madelion

Using supplies you probably mostly already have on hand, you can easily create a personality print for your own someone special! Here's how:

Materials needed
*Canvas (mine was 11x14)
*Acrylic Paint
*Painter's/masking tape
*Various scrapbook papers
*Mod Podge
*Miscellaneous embellishments (ribbon, ric rac, etc)
*Staple gun/hot glue gun

Got it all together? Let's create! 

The first thing you need to do (and I think you'll agree) is to decide which design you're going to create! I knew I wanted a circus-type background, since I was going to be using a lion. For a similar background, use your painter's/masking tape to tape off sunbursts around your canvas, leaving an empty spot (the "sun", if you will) about a third of the way up from the bottom. Now, there is no exact measurement for this (unless you want to take the time to do so). Nothing about my sunbursts were exact, which yields a whimsical result at the end! 

Pour your acrylic paint into a tray, and decide which tool you'll be using to apply it to your canvas. I wanted a textured look to my background, so I chose a sponge. Dab your paint inside of your taped areas. If you get a little on the outside here or there...don't worry!  Odds are, your image will be covering them up, anyway! 

When your paint is dry, go ahead and peel off your tape. (I love this part. I already feel so accomplished!)

(Somehow, I got sloppy in the middle. But again...totally didn't matter, because I knew it would be covered by my lion head!)

Now for your image. This lion was made using my Silhouette SD. But take a look at the shapes...simple circles and variations of! You could easily create your own design by hand out of simple and basic shapes. So get your scrapbook papers out, and get to cutting! 

Once you've created your design, break out your Mod Podge, and get ready to get some use out of it! Affix your image to the canvas using your Mod Podge. I did so, then smoothed it out (with my hands...carefully, so as not to tear your image!) to push out as many wrinkles as I could. When you're satisfied with the way everything looks, cover the entire canvas with a coat of Mod Podge. I let my first coat dry, then applied one more. 

Then again, let your canvas dry completely. 

Point out to all listening members of the household how adorable the whole thing is looking! Then grab your embellishment supplies. 

Using a staple gun (or hot glue), add your embellishments as desired...and ta da! You have your finished Personality Print Canvas! And so quickly, too! 

So cute, you're already planning your next one! (I'm not the only one consistently planning out my next project before I've even finished my current one, right?...I hope you all are out there doing the same...)

If you make your own, please let me know! I'd love to stop by (your blog) and see it! And thanks for stopping by mine!

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  1. This is so cute. You are a woman of many talents. The ric rac is a great extra touch.

  2. oh!... Is Cute! MADE LION huh!.. :)

    but really I love it..



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