{pattern testing: shwin & shwin honey pie bloomers and maxwell top}

How crazy excited was I a couple weeks ago when I discovered I had been chosen by Shwin & Shwin to be a pattern tester for two of their most recent patterns? Well, let's just say, my son and daughter enjoyed watching Mommy be silly-happy for no discernible reason (that they could see!)

My first experience with Shwin & Shwin was when I ran across their pattern for the Abbey Jacket. I found myself really drawn to their designs. I love how their patterns are so clean and modern,  yet maintain the appropriate overall "look" for young children. These little ones grow too quickly as it is, yes? I don't need to speed the process by dressing them older than they are!

So I was delighted to be able to test two patterns, The Honey Pie Bloomers and the Maxwell Top. While my children did some major self-entertaining, I came up with these two lovely pieces:

The Maxwell Top

I love. this. shirt. Seriously. I love the little details that set it apart...here are a few of my favorites:

Twill tape on the pockets, and a choice of buttons or snaps going up the front.

The fun, contrasting yoke on the back (and contrasting fabric under the collar).

The pop of that larger button/button tab near the top of the shirt.

Additional twill tape on the sleeves!

And don't you just love that blue/red combo? I do! Here is my fabric/notion information, should you find yourself interested:

Main fabric: Cotton, Wal*Mart clearance bolt. ($2/yard, hurray!)
Yoke/Under Collar: Cotton, Hancock Fabrics
Ducky buttons: sets of 3, Hancock Fabrics
Accent button: set of 1, Hancock Fabrics
Twill tape: 1/4" red (which is the only thing I'd change...wish it were thicker)

And how much do I love the boy in the pictures? He was such a trooper to model, even in the midst of tonsillitis!

The Honey Pie Bloomers

I'll admit it...I'd been eyeballing these shorts ever since Shwin & Shwin posted the tutorial for the tank top they modeled with them! They are so soft and sweet...I love bloomers on a little girl!

I used the same material from the Maxwell Top to add contrast to the bow middle/backs, and to line the pockets.

These may be a teensy bit big on her right now, but she wore them out for a weekend excursion this past Saturday, and they worked like a charm! She climbed, ran, skipped, jumped all to her heart's content...and these matched her every move!

Here is my fabric info on the Honey Pie Bloomers:

Main fabric:  Herringbone suiting from Hancock Fabrics
Contrast fabric: Cotton, Wal*Mart clearance bolt. (Did I mention, $2/yard?!)

There you have it! If you're looking for some fun, new Spring time patterns to try, I strongly recommend giving these a shot. I love the versatility of both, and plan to plump the kids' wardrobe with a couple more versions in the very near future!


  1. Those are both so well constructed! Lucky little children, to have such a creative mommy! Good eye for detail! Grandma Meron lives on!

  2. $2/bolt?! I didn't even know Wal-Mart had fabric. :) Beautiful work! I might have to try the Maxwell top with some of my husband's old shirts.

  3. Oh my! They look incredible! You did a great job.

  4. I just love these pieces you made! If there were a boy in my house he would be wearing one of those shirts. But my girls could definitely use some comfy, adorable bloomers for summertime. There is a Hancock fabric store near me but I've never been to it. Do you like their selection and prices?

    btw, I totally used the same background for my blog before the one I currently use. lol.

  5. That is such a gorgeous shirt and the details are fantastic. Your little boy looks adorable in it. I have two boys so I will have to get that pattern. I just bought those same buttons from Etsy last month, they are really cute. I love the style of the bloomers too.

  6. Thank you for stopping by, and commenting! If you make one for your boys, please let me know, I'd love to see it! The buttons are crazy cute, aren't they? :)


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