{parade of pants: shorts from thrifted shirt}

We are really getting some warmer temps our way, so I've been dipping into the summer clothing for the kids! Of course, with the rate of growth around here, we are finding ourselves coming up short on...well, shorts.

So I hit a couple thrift stores for inspiration. I figured I could save some money buying a used shirt vs. new fabric.

In hindsight, I think I paid too much for this shirt, but the pattern spoke to me. I began with a size XXL men's button down shirt, and ended up with these shorts for my littlest one:

a button detail on the front waist might be a little touch that goes a long way

I used a pair of existing shorts to get my pattern...but I think I must have been distracted when I did so. This new pair turned out to be a bit shorter than I intended, and I wish the bottom of the leg flared out more. Oh well, live and learn. They still look cute on him...although, with the way he's growing, I'll be lucky if he gets more than three weeks out of these!

You can see that I took the existing pocket off of the shirt, and reattached it on the back of the shorts for a little detail. Kind of big, but for three weeks worth of wear...I'm satisfied!

I have one last post to share with you regarding the Parade of Pants, so keep an eye out! Then, it's on to Easter!

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