{parade of pants: oliver + s sailboat pants}

I was so excited to find that the Oliver + S Sailboat patterns had gone digital! I wasted no time in pulling together these sweet seersucker pants for my boy.

I love how the blue buttons pop! And these pants are the perfect length for the days that fall in between winter and spring!

 Hopefully, his sister will soon have a skirt to coordinate with him!

 (Hey, I'm doing it while they'll let me.)


  1. It's gorgeous! Congratulations for what you did! Are you interested for exchanging digital patterns (even if you don't love digital ones!)? I have some I bought for adults or children. If you are, please wright me an email so that I can see what could make you happy! See you. nolwenn

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm pretty happy with my patterns, and don't plan on needing to be rid of any soon, but I thank you for the offer.


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