{parade of pants: simple fleece toddler pants}

While folding laundry recently, it came to my attention that I have made a fair amount of pants lately. Mostly for my boy, but a little something for the girl, too, as spring approaches!

Now, today it's about 70 degrees here. But I happen to know that in Minnesota, they aren't quite there yet...so I thought I would take a quick week to post my long legged garments before it's full-time shorts around here!

I'll begin with a this very simple pair of fleece pants I made for my son back in November (yep. Posting procrastination.) The color was picked out so that the kids would compliment each other in their Christmas photos. But the joke was on me: he didn't even wear pants for the shoot! (We did it here at home...casual is encouraged.) I didn't mind too much, though. Other than some patch and pocket detailing, the pants were as easy as they come. And they're super comfy for him to lounge around in any time.

If you're interested in making your own pair, just google your favorite pants tutorial, grab some fleece and begin!

nothing fancy, just a good old zig zag stitch for the patches.

hurray! no hemming! 

simple single pocket on backside

A quick, easy pair of pants to round out those winter days!!

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  1. Your pants are so good. I haven't had huge luck with pants. Maybe youll inspire me try try again. It is still cold here.


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