{mini boden inspired shirt}

So awhile ago, my blogtastic friend Georgine brought to my attention some adorable shirts over at Mini Boden.   Being the inspired, crafty women that we are, we said, "Hey. We could do that!" So we did.

Based on this shirt, here is my end result:

I used my Silhouette for the shapes, and attached them with embroidery floss. I love the red and blue together! The shirt was one I got on clearance at the end of last season, so the whole project cost me less than $5. Hurray!

If you like this, you should hop on over and check out Georgine's Boden inspired tee, too. It's wonderful, complete with glitter!! I have to get up my courage and give her technique a try!


  1. Seriously, yours is incredible! I cannot believe hw well it turned out. ANd I love your new header.

  2. This shirt is darling! Very creative!!

  3. Amazing! It is beautiful, and the hand embroidery makes it look very boutique. Did you see the reviews on your inspiration shirt? They should be selling your version :)


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