{sewing for boys: treasure pocket pants}

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was this book. I have had so much fun brain-storming for The Boy!

My first project from this book was the treasure pocket pants. I love them! He looks so cute in them! See?:

I snapped a few pictures of him playing on the bed, but for some reason, when I wanted him to stand up, he wouldn't. (When I don't want him to, he will. Of course.) So you'll have to make due with cute sitting poses.

 This child wears 24 mos/2T, so I cut the pants accordingly, but they were a shade too long. I am hoping that means they'll hold out long enough for him to get some good, solid use out of them!

(His treasure of choice is our TV remote.)
And one more gratuitous baby toe shot!! 

If you have a boy, and you like to (or would like to) sew for him, this book is worth checking out. And now that I think about it, my daughter might be getting some treasure pocket pants next!

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  1. I do love baby feet. Sweet and sort and not stinky! THe pants looks great. I love the fabric.

    Why is it they never want their photo taken when you want to take it?


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