{over the rainbow kind of (birth)day}

Today, my little girl turned 5. How quickly it seems to go. I miss her "baby-ness" so much, but also love the little lady she is becoming. She is witty, smart, and has a beautiful, kind heart! She fills me with pride every day!

Her Over the Rainbow party went off without a hitch this past weekend, and it was a lot of fun for all of the kids! Here are a few pics of the projects I created for the day...but honestly, I didn't take nearly as many atmosphere shots as I thought I would...I was too busy trying to catch her joyful little face at every turn!

goody bags using rainbow licorice

rainbow cupcakes! a bit tedious, but a big hit! 

a birthday hat of many colors...and glitter! 

rainbow skirt and shirt

matching rainbow headband


  1. Those cupcakes are darling! You're such a good mommy, Nicky, to take the time to make the details of her day so special :)

  2. Holy head band batman! And the goodie bags rocked. You did such a good job I am sure Grace had the best party. And there is never enough time to take all the photos you want.


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