{gap kids inspired batman jeans}

This post could also be titled "Jeans-I-love-but-am-not-willing-to-pay-$40-for-for-my-18-month-old."

These jeans were inspired when I found these online. I love them, and to be honest, if they were to go on (a big) sale down the line, I may buy them in a bigger size for later. Right now, though, I couldn't justify shelling out the money, so I decided to make my own version.

Supplies were simple:

jeans were only $5 at target
Then using original placement as my guide, I switched up the wording a bit, and used the bleach pen on the front. The length you let your bleach sit will depend on the look you want. For these, I let it set about 15 min.

After I washed and dried them, I ironed on my patch on the back pocket, and they were ready to go! I think the total for these put together (including supplies) was less than $10. That I can justify.

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