{birthday skirt turned play skirt}

Awhile ago, I bought some taffeta/satin with the intention of making my daughter a sweet, dressy outfit of some sort. I finally pulled it out, and free handed a pattern for a full skirt with an apron overlay. It fit her...but barely. (I had under-measured the waist). But she loved it, so I was content to use it for her upcoming birthday.

Fast forward to two days ago: when she tried it on, it ripped down the back!! She had grown enough to make it a pure struggle to get into, and the skirt couldn't take it! Because the fabric had been inexpensive, and because I was kind of just done with the whole thing, I threw up my hands and declared it a dress up skirt.

She's thrilled.

You win some, you lose some. I figure, it was a learning process for me, and a big gain for her! She's a girl who does love a good twirl. 

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  1. You just free handed a pattern? Yeah, out of my league. Ha! I love the twirly whirlyness of the skirt.


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