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Happy New Year! I am excited to begin 2012. I have set some realistic expectations for myself this year, and am ready to go. My biggest one (crafting/sewing wise) is to use up materials already on hand! I have already accomplished that with a few projects, and will be sharing those soon.

Also, as a head's up to followers (silent or otherwise), I am planning a small segment later this winter on something that is very near to my heart. It's personal and important, and deserves it's own post, so be on the look out for more information down the line.

Meanwhile, not too long ago, I found this Abbey Jacket pattern by Shwin Designs, and loved it. Loved it so much that I even ended up mimicking the color scheme in their pattern cover (although, in my defense, I already had red fleece on hand, and my daughter picked out her own coordinating details!) And I love love those colors together...remember my children's stockings?

But I digress.

This little coat is perfect for us down South. It's only been marginally cool, and having a sweet fleece to throw on is perfect. It was pretty easy to sew, too. Bonus! I do enjoy an easy project! I wish I would have put a little tag inside the collar for her to use to hang it up at school, but other than that, we love it!

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  1. Adorable! The color choice definitely seems like your style:) I love the tabs on the jacket and appreciate that you highlighted an indie pattern (I really should try buying some on etsy...)


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