{this year's stocking}

Remember this post from last year? Well, this year, it's my son's turn.

Both of my children had a special stocking for their first Christmas with the family, but the intention was that I would make them each their own to use for...well, as long as they want to!

I'm pleased with how this one turned out, too. It coordinates with his sister's, and was put together with items I already had on hand (which ties in nicely with my continuing goal to put a dent in my craft hoard.) 

And his opinion of it is...well, he did enjoy jingling the bell on the toe. Then he was immediately distracted by free access to his sister's toys while she was in school! Such is the life of a 17 month old. 

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  1. You are so cool. The stockings are insane. See, if you had more time to create, they would send you free machines. And look at Luke's hair. Love the curls. Your odd have fab hair!


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