{christmas countdown - and some santa pants}

There is a bowl of cookie dough that's been chilling in my fridge (fortwodays, ahem) that I need to make cutouts from.

There are a pile of presents waiting to be wrapped.

There is a tree in our living room begging for ornaments.

I discovered today (or at least, my husband did) that my 17 month son outgrew the length of his Christmas overalls.

BUT, I have made, and used a few times over, these awesome Santa Pants from a retro repro tablecloth for my children!

inspired by a similar pair for sale a couple years ago.
I'm afraid I can't find that link now. 

ironically, my son does not "heart" Santa.
At all.

I also watched my daughter perform in her Christmas pageant as a (slightly irritable) shepherd. No matter if her shepherds outfit was too hot and heavy, she sang like a little angel, and we were all so proud!

The other stuff will get done...the memories in between are the most important things of all.

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  1. You have the Christmad spirit! I love it and Iove the pants. Can't imagine that those little monkies grow over night. We have yet to see Santa. Maybe tonight. However, Charley has some leftover blue art on her left eye. Bad for photos


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