{ruffle fabric pants}

So, my model has been more than a little unwilling to participate in any photo shoots. Especially if they require warm weather clothing (it's been in the 70s here), or interrupt with her play time. All of which, at this point, will. 
So I took a quick shot of some easy ruffle pants I made her a couple weeks ago. I had wanted to board the Ruffle Fabric Train awhile go, and had some fabric tucked away since this past May. I finally decided to pull it out. I used a pair of her pants as a guide, and some wide black elastic for the waist. They turned out to be sweet on her (wish you could see!) despite a couple ruffles that got caught "going the wrong way".  Plus, they're easy for her to wear on a dressier day, while still giving her the freedom to run and play and be a little girl.
So, tomorrow it's all about turkey and pumpkin pie! I wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving day. I know I'll be counting all my blessings here! 

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  1. These are awesome! You are so cool. I cannot wait to see them on your un -willing model. I had the same problem with the flip-flopping ruffles. I read some tutorial where they basted the ruffles before sewing with them. That way they are all the right way. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems like it will work.


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