{little drummer girl diy}

My daughter brought home an empty oatmeal container from school last week.

Mommy: "What's that for, Honey?"
Honey: "I don't know."
Mommy: "Did you get it from your teachers for some reason?"
Honey: "I don't know."

(Side note...it's gonna be a LOOOOONG set of school years with answers like this!)

Anyway, fast forward to me finding the accompanying note regarding said container, asking parents to help their children turn it into a drum for their Christmas program. So we did just that.

Easy enough for you to do with your little drummer, too! We used construction paper, glitter glue, jewels, beads, markers...but of course, they sky's the limit with this!

My daughter decorated her paper with markers and glitter glue, and I hot glued it onto her oatmeal can. Then I hot glued on the embellishments at her instruction. (She impressed me with her pattern placements!)

I used a hand held hole punch to make places for her ribbon to go, so she could wear it and drum with both hands.

This project was easy enough, and as she drew and glittered, I played Christmas music on Pandora until, sure enough, The Little Drummer Boy came on. So we talked about the song, sang a little of the song, and just shared our thoughts on Christmas in general.  When it was all finished, she gave it a couple of beats before we tucked it back into her book bag, school-bound.

So, like I said, certainly nothing that's earth-shattering and new as far as Christmas fun goes, and yet, doing it with my little girl for the first time, it was new, and it was special.

And I hope these are the sweet moments in time that she will carry for many Christmas' to come.

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  1. Love the new header! And seriously, B can't even be bothered to tell what she had for a snack. I agree with you about the talking while crafting. I sneak in some questions while she is otherwise engaged. It is nice to do stuff while the little ones are asleep, isn't it? What did you decide with the dress?


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