{diy milk glass pumpkin}

So as I've said in the past, I am trying hard to use up materials I currently have in the house. It's getting a wee bit crowded in my crafting closet--er, I mean, daughter's closet, so I need to clear out or use up.

Likewise, I took the opportunity this year to pare down my Autumn/Halloween decorations. You know, not putting out the things that no longer speak to me.  Such as the glass pumpkin that I've had for years. You know the one...you've had one yourself, or maybe your mom did. And now you can find them anywhere...including thrift stores, where mine was destined to end up.

Until I had a brainstorm, allowing me to both A) Use up some old acrylic paint & B) Repurpose the pumpkin into a decoration that I loved (again).

Enter Milk Glass Pumpkin!

I won't bore you with tutorial details, because googling "milk glass tutorial" will yield you plenty of well done, informational instructions, but I will say that I did use acrylic paint (cream) and a little bit of water with mine, and I am pleased with how it turned out.

Already brainstorming for Christmas milk glass ideas...

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  1. This year, instead of candy I put in orange glass beads in the bottom and pine cones on top! Don't let the top clank!! Leslie


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