{diy itunes gift card holders}

Deciding to go with a gift card doesn't mean the wrapping can't still be quirky and fun! Take, for example, these felt holders I put together to get ready for some Christmas gifts:

Simple, quick, and a unique way to present iTunes to your favorite music lover!
All you need for this project are:
*embroidery thread
*pinking shears (optional)

I traced around a gift card, then cut my felt to size. I eyeballed the face embellishments, and attached/personalized/decorated them using my embroidery thread before sewing the two main pieces together.

(my stitching isn't perfect, but I think that adds to
the uniqueness! At least...that's what I told myself
to keep from pulling out stitches and re-doing. Again.)

Once your done, slip your gift cards inside, and get ready to showcase!


  1. This is a great design! I'm definitely going to give it a try:)

    1. Here's how mine turned out...Zigzag-y lines because I really need to learn to use my sewing machine!


    2. Okay, that is awesome!! I love it, and thank you SO much for both commenting, and then sharing your result!! :)


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