{nui organics inspired dress}

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The theme this week is "Knock-Offs", and in that spirit, I will be re-posting my Nui Organics inspired dress.

Using this picture as inspiration,

I came up with this for my daughter:

If it hadn't been 90+ degrees out, we
would have modeled with cute leggings
and an undershirt!
Overall, it is a versatile and adorable addition to her wardrobe -- and I really love the fact that my price tag for this project was under $3!! (Knit remnant and materials already on hand) versus the $40ish price tag on the dress above! 

(She looks so cute in it, too!)

For more information, including simple instructions for making your own, please click here for my original post.

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  1. Oh my goodness - - this is adorable! And you really could do it year round. I want one to layer over leggings with a belt, thin cardigan, & scarf. :)


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