{upcycled sweater dress}

*While I have company in town, I'll be posting a couple projects that I completed before I began this blog. (Yup. You read that right. Completed before I began.) Anyway, I may not be able to link directly to the exact tutorials I used at that time, but will do my best to point in the right direction!*

It's certainly not cool enough to be pulling out winter clothing quite yet, but the beginning of school always seems to signify the preparation of a warmer wardrobe. So in that spirit, I give you my version of the Upcycled Sweater Dress! 

There are several tutorials out in the blogosphere for completing one of these...my advice is to pick one that works with your style, and go for it! I did mine without a serger, and was even able to use leftover material to add a cute headband to the outfit.

So sift through those old sweaters and start sewing! 

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  1. I must find me a tutorial. I saved a lot of my Mom's cashmere sweaters. I knew I could do something with them. Thanks for the inspiration. Thing is, I want to make summer clothes, not winter. Summer clothes don't have sleeves - they scare me!


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