{beach robe pattern from MADE}

*All opinions in the following post are mine. I purchased and used this pattern simply because I wanted to. Just thought you'd like to know.*
One of the blogs I frequent the most is MADE. I am constantly inspired (and, to be honest, intimidated) by the wealth of creativity to be found there. I have tried my hand at some tutorials in the past (check out the second image in this post), and I have found them well documented and easy to follow -- with heart! (Several others are currently residing in my mental "to do" list.)

When I found out that Dana from MADE had posted a beach robe pattern for sale, I decided the timing was right for me to give it a shot.

And here is the result:

I found the pattern very detailed, illustrated nicely, and easy to follow. The options for personalizing the robe were numerous, too, which makes it fun!  And my little Bluebird has used her robe A. LOT. since I've finished it.  Beach? Yes. Pool? Yes. Bath? Yes. She will actually whine a little if it's not available, due to laundering.

I have some more, girlier terry cloth in the wings to make a second one, and perhaps I'll pull one together for the Boy, too. (But honestly? Right now I just love to wrap him a towel and snuggle his little babyness to me for the 3 minutes he'll allow it. In fact, it would take more time to put him INTO a robe than it would for him to air dry. Those busy, busy toddlers!)

Back on track, though. I'm glad I went for it with this pattern. It was a solid purchase that I feel sure will serve me well for quite a few years to come. 

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