{fourth of july - toddler tee}

Last year, when my son was just mere weeks old, I happened upon a toddler-size white tee clearance sale at one of my favorite stores! (read: Target)  So, even though my itty bitty boy wearing a size 12 months seemed light years away, I grabbed a handful of white shirts in various sizes, knowing they'd come in handy someday down the road...

...and now we're here. The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching, and last year, I made my son his first 4th of July onesie.  He was four days old.  So this year, I wanted to cement the tradition by making him another one...size twelve months. It seems like my daughter has so many choices in patriotic wear, with shirts and dresses that are tasteful and not over the top with graphics.  I wanted something similar for my son, so this is what I came up with:

I removed the pocket from the tee, and took some of my jersey knit scraps to sew on a simple flag design.

When I washed the shirt, the edges of the flag curled up, just as planned, giving it a rough, vintage look. I love it, he'll look adorable in it, and the tradition continues!

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