{in between the busy}

I have been doing a project here or there, even if I haven't been up on posting!

I made a skirt/matching shirt for my cousin's beautiful daughter, but can't find the picture.  Grr.

I made some onesies for my impending niece/nephew, but can't post pics lest I ruin the surprise.

I did make a shirt for my friend's son's birthday, based on my previous lego shirt.  I used green this time, and I think it's really sharp looking!

I did also find a wonderful link online that let me print out some cute bookplates for an end-of-year teacher's gift.  I used my silhouette (of course) to create some cute packaging and complete the look.

I hope to find some more time now that summer approaches to do some more creative work...especially sewing.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Great teacher gift idea. Where did you find those envelopes?

  2. For the envelopes, I used scrapbook paper and cut them with my Silhouette. I thought they turned out to be pretty sweet...
    Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. How did you make the shirt? Could you make another and how much would you charge? Thank you!! :)

  4. Hi! Please send me an email, and we can talk more directly...thanks for stopping by!


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