{legos and dinos: t-shirts}

Birthdays and boys.  That's what we've got going on around here! It's a fun change of pace to pull together something a tad less frilly/ruffly/pink for a gift! And with t-shirt weather either approaching or upon us (depending on your part of the planet), I've enjoyed pulling together a couple of shirts to reflect the young men they will be gifted to!

The kids and I went shopping, and I let my trend-setting color team (read: my Bluebird) pick out a couple of tees for the boys (turns out orange is in this season!), and then we put them on the company's charge card (read: Mommy's) and headed home to pull things together!

First up: my nephew--and beautiful godson--is into legos. (So we hear.  We still live way too far away to know that first hand :-(
So I came up with the following for him:

And to add a little something extra, the back looks like...

This, along with a subscription to the Lego magazine, will hopefully be a birthday hit!

And then, for my daughter's "best friend" (you can never have too many!), who will be turning 4 this weekend, I put together this shirt:

His party is dinosaur-themed, so it seemed appropriate!! And once again, to add that extra touch, the lower back of the shirt is:

Fun to make...hopefully just as fun to receive!


  1. These are adorable! Do you use the silhouette and transfer paper to make them? I've been thinking it might be time to make my boys a round of tee shirts for the summer...but I'm kind of tired of freezer paper. Thanks for the inspiration--so cute!

  2. Sorry about the delay Elisabeth! I did use the silhouette and flocked heat transfer for those. I honestly love it! I need to get creative again, and come up with some other ideas! :)


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