{misha lulu inspired dress}

I have to admit-I am pretty proud of this dress.  It is the first time I've taken and created my very own pattern, and sewn from that.  
I got the idea when I ran across this Misha Lulu dress online.  I loved the idea with the style and contrasting fabric (but I didn't really love the fabric they had used...or the price!)
So, using an existing dress as a guide, and a little trial and error, I created my own pattern, and this dress.

I'm hoping to engage my little model for a photo shoot at some time. This dress will for sure be featured in her upcoming birthday photos!   


  1. This is so cute! I cannot believe you made the pattern off something you saw form the internet. You can so sew with knits.

  2. hahaha! Thanks...I'm not YOU, but I will have to give it a shot! :-)


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