{stockings were hung -part two}


Here it is!  My daughter's finished stocking, as well as a brief review of how I went about constructing it.

Grace's stocking is based on my childhood stocking, which my mother made for me.  I love it, still hang it...I never want a new one.  I'm kinda nostalgic like that!

the charm of this stocking is rivaled only
by the charm of the stockings she also
 made for my brother and sister

So when I set about making one for my own daughter, I knew I wanted to use mine as the pattern.  So I traced my stocking onto white felt, using those two pieces as the stocking base.  I kept the color palate simple and bright: reds, pinks, blues.

I cut out my trees using two different basic shape patterns, but freehanded all of them, so that they wouldn't be totally uniform.  Then I attached them with a simple embroidery stitch using contrasting floss colors. Button tree toppers in two different sizes and blue ric rac up the sides added a simple touch while also mimicking my stocking.

Finally, I used chalk to trace out her name and to act as a guide as I embroidered her name on the top piece.  I used a blanket stitch to hold the nameplate in place top and bottom, again in the contrasting thread color.

A bell on the toe, and it's ready to go!

I hope this simple stocking will come to be something she still treasures from her mom...even 33 years down the road!


  1. Your mantle is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks! I still feel like it's a little "under-dressed"...so this makes me feel better! :)

  3. Your mantle seriously looks like it's straight out of a magazine- gorgeous Nichole!

  4. Thank you, Christy! I even dusted before I decorated! ;-)


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