{christmas can-do}

I've been busy putting together gifts for the family--we leave for our Christmas vacation in 2 weeks.

(deep breath, fight panic here)

Anyway, I can't post too many of the gifts I'm creating, because the few readers I do have I want to remain surprised! (Hi, Mom!)

But in between gift crafting and making lists of to-do, I've pulled together a couple cute, easy projects for our family.  With these great tutorials, you can easily do them, too!!

First of all, I used this tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff to make my girl an adorable, winter season dress.  Take a look:

It was a bit warmer out when we snapped
these shots! 

I repurposed some old leggings that no longer fit for her scarf.  I love how it wraps around the back and shoulders! So cute!

"No, honey, you can't eat the berries."

I was inspired by many tutorials out there to make a new Christmas wreath for our home.  Especially after discovering that ours was somehow misplaced in our move earlier this year.  So, after gathering tips here and there, I purchased a wire wreath frame, some ornaments and flowers from the Dollar Tree, got out my hot glue gun, and put together this:

I love the neutral colors. I hope it keeps
this wreath elegant and classic.

There is no organization to ornament or
flower placement. Just scatter about at will!

Finally, using this tutorial by Made by Rae, I used some fleece remnants on hand to whip up a new winter hat for our bluebird.  I hear it's cold where we're headed, so I'm thinking an extra hat will come in handy! (Plus, it matches her new snow coat...so there's that, too!)

I love the flower detailing. This hat is
so feminine...perfect for my girl!

Petals! Brilliant! 
So, there you have it!  If this inspires you to create your own variations, I'd love to see them! 


Thank you so much for stopping by! I'd love to hear your thoughts...