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I have something a little different to share today! 
First, a back story...
Back when it was just me, my husband and my daughter, we began the tradition of rocking her and singing to her every night after prayers. One night my mom was visiting, and rocked our little girl while singing to her, "I love you! A bushel and a peck...a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck..." And then suddenly, that was the song our little girl wanted night after night after night. It became the bedtime song. 
Fast forward to the present, and it is still the bedtime song. Our son has grown up to that song being sung every night. Our daughter sang it to me for a Mother's Day program at school last year, and had me in sweet tears as the memories poured over me. For my children, it is The Bedtime Song. For my husband and I, it is The Song. The one that symbolizes our every moment as a parent.

So, when I received a gorgeous multi-paned picture frame to showcase some of my favorite moments, I knew that I wanted to incorporate Bushel and A Peck in there somehow. Thus, the birth of the Bushel And A Peck Pack printables! 

These printables are each sized 5x7. I created 8 files, with one to be printed out twice, as seen below. 
And here's the coolest thing: these printables can soon be yours to use, too! On Wednesday, April 23, Laurie from Tip Junkie will be featuring these PDFs in her Etsy shop as part of her Printable Shop-A-Thon! You can purchase the whole set for a discounted price of $4 that day by entering the code "TipJunkie" when checking out...how sweet is that?!

If you get a chance to take advantage of these printables, I hope they brighten your home as much as they do ours! 

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  1. What a cool idea! The frame looks fantastic! You do it all, don't you? Now go de-clutter! Then come here and help me do the same. Still have three junk drawers......


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