{sewing for autumn}

I'm sure it will start to cool down here...someday...soon...(please??)

I, for one, am ready to say good bye to 80 + humidity! (Unless I'm on vacation, that is! Speaking of vacation, our Disney trip was perfect! And our stroller tag came in very handy- more than once! But I digress...)

Ahem. Sewing. Autumn. 

I had the chance to take advantage of a couple patterns from Peek-A-Boo Pattern shop and paired them with some beautiful fabric I had gotten on clearance out of season last year. Without further ado:

This dress is the Ashley Knit Ruffle. A comfy knit dress for cooler autumn days! (Or, if you're my daughter, a comfy knit dress to wear while pretending to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.)

I had been waiting for something special to use this knit fabric on (Moda, from last year...I think?) At any rate, this dress fit the bill. It's soft and sweet, and will last her (fingers crossed) through the winter! 

The second dress I made is actually a winter version of a pattern I tested earlier this year for Peek-A-Boo patterns. This is the Madison from this summer. 

This pattern is so wonderfully versatile, because it yielded a sweet and lightweight summer dress as well as a corduroy jumper for the cooler weather! 

Don't you just love that mod print on her jumper? I think I have enough left over to make some groovy pants, too! (no worries...not to wear with the jumper, rather with a very plain tee! ;-)

So now my daughter has a couple of great basic winter pieces in her wardrobe, and I'm hoping to soon add a few more! 

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