{mickey mouse stroller tag: a tutorial}

Man, have I been a stranger around this place or what? Needless to say, our family had a busy, jam-packed summer. Not as much crafting/sewing took place as I thought, so I've been lacking in relevant blog postings.

But here's a quick one for you today!

DISNEY WORLD! We're going. In 2 days. And I'm packing like mad, so why not throw a last minute craft into the mix? ha ha! The germ of this is that we're taking a Sit & Stand stroller for our two littles. You know the one. Black. Non-descript. Certain to be duplicated throughout The Kingdom, thus making it extra hard for the servants parents to find the one they own when squinting into the sunlight after exiting Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Or the like.

So I wanted something unique to attach to our stroller handle. That way, when we're shuffling two tired kids towards their carriage at the end of the day, we can spot it amongst the others quickly, load them up and be on our merry way. That's the plan, at least! Thus, the Mickey Stroller tag was born.

You will need:
* material (remnants, etc)
* design template
* ribbon
* medium weight fusible interfacing or felt
* embellishments

Now, I should begin by saying that, although it would be easy to do this project using a cutter, mine was done by hand. (Well, I did draw the template on the computer, then printed it out and cut it. But the rest was done by my own two Handy Helpers.)

Begin by folding your fabric in half, right sides together, and tracing your template. Then trace one copy onto your felt/fusible interfacing.

When you cut your pieces out, cut inside the lines on the interfacing. You will be sandwiching it between fabric layers, and your edges will be raw. By cutting the interfacing a tad smaller, you won't have it peeking through on the sides.

Create your "sandwich" by ironing on your interfacing according to provided directions (or sandwich your felt in between your two fabric layers, wrong sides together). Cut a length of ribbon (mine was about 10 inches), fold it in half, and tuck it into the middle of the layers, pinning into place.

Now sew everything into place by sewing around the edge of the tag, about 1/4" or so in. I used a heavy duty stitch so that the ribbon would stay into place, and the tag itself could be tugged on by little hands without ripping. You can see how the edges are left raw and open.

Now, it's time to embellish as you see fit! Of course, one of my children loves "Ecka Mouse" and the other adores Minnie. In order to cater to both, I placed a small bow on one side of the tag.

On the other side, I cut out our family initial and sewed it into place. You know. In case someone else made the exact same tag and placed it on the exact same stroller. (You gotta admit, the odds of that occurring are higher than you may originally think!)

So there you go! Your very own unique-to-you Mickey Mouse stroller tag!

Thanks for stopping by!

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