{my other other job}

My job is to be a mother and a wife. And I love it. And I think I do pretty good work.

My other job is to make our house a home. And I love that, too. It allows me to tap into my crafty side, and I get to share that part of me here.

But my OTHER other job is to keep our family on a healthy budget, so that I can continue to be blessed in my position as a stay at home Mom.

Why do I tell you this? Simply to explain that if I'm off the radar for a day or two (or week), it's probably  because I'm researching bargains, cutting coupons, and planning grocery lists (in between breakfasts, school drops, lunches, school pick ups, day to day housework and the like.)

(a sample of the day to day silliness that ensues in
GiffordMommy Land.)

But I'm always brainstorming my next creative move...so please don't forget to drop by once in awhile to check in! You may catch me on the perfect day!

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