{autumn art tutorial}

This past weekend, as I took stock of my overflowing crafty stash, I challenged myself to use up what I have on hand before purchasing anything new.

(Unless, of course, I absolutely need it to make something specific.)

(Or it's a really really good deal.)

(Or I want it. Really really badly.)

BUT, other than those mitigating circumstances, I am all about using that which I have at hand! I have had a couple sets of canvases staring at me from the corner of my room since, oh, about Easter time, and I decided to put them to use.

You can easily modify this project to meet the needs of what you have on hand, but for this piece, I used:
*one canvas 
*two complimenting shades of paint

I painted over my canvas with two light coats of a metallic gold. Using my Silhouette, I cut an acorn shape from my vinyl, and once the canvas was dry, laid it on top. (You do not need a Silhouette for this, though...a pair of scissors will do, as well!) I then painted over my vinyl with my contrasting color (in this case, brown). While that paint was still wet, I sprinkled a fine layer of glitter over it.

Now, I have to admit, with Lunchtime for Little Ones looming, I was anxious to move this project off the table, and peeled my vinyl off while the top coat was still wet. And while I don't hold that move completely responsible for the bleeding edges, it probably did contribute. (My vinyl didn't stick to the base coat on the canvas as well as I hoped, either.)

So after a few touch ups on the lines of my design, I painted the edges of my canvas in the same shade as the acorn, and then let the whole thing dry. 

And there you have it! Instant, inexpensive autumn decor! Hang and enjoy through the season! 

So...one canvas down, three more to go!

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