{gathered peasant dress}

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting (via email) a fellow online blogger, Georgine of  Life on James Street. Not only is she talented and willing to share helpful tips, she is amusing, too!  With a couple of nudges and a lot of encouragement from her, I decided to tackle another knit project.

(knit intimidates me.)

My inspiration was this image:

The result is this:

(two skinned knees. what a day.)
Obviously, this is a garment she'll wear with some kind of leg covering. And while I like the overall turnout of the tunic, because I utilized materials on hand, I'm not too pleased with the elastic size. I'll enjoy letting her get good use out of this, but it's also something I'll be tempted to retry with some tweaking in the future.

But I tackled knit (thank you, Georgine!) and feel that much more confident for it.


  1. Wow! You are so good! This dress (and Grace, too) are so cute. Did you use and old tee or knit yardage? Obviously you made your own pattern. You rock!!! Check out http://www.ikatbag.com/ . They have a tutorial series on a cute knit racer back dress. How is everyone feeling at your house?

  2. awww...the dress is adorable. Great idea and it looks fabulous! I remember when mine was little *sigh*

  3. Love this dress! I'd love to make one like it for my little lady...too cute!


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