{we love minnesota}

"Home" is where ever we are together as a family.  But home home-the place we hail from, the place all of our extended families live, and the place we will someday return to-is Minnesota.

So in the meantime, said families help pass the time by finding ways to visit us, and we in turn try to get up there as much as we can.  Last year, what with having a new baby and all, we only made it up for Christmas.  But this year, we're eagerly preparing to road trip it up for our son's first birthday! (and as much time on the Mississippi river as we can squeeze in!)

In preparation, I used a popular Silhouette idea to create matching tees for the babes, so that they can share with the world their Minnesota-love! Our hearts encompass pretty much all of Southeast Minnesota...and we can't wait to get home!

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