{mini maxi dress}

Summer is a time for breezy, easy to wear dresses! It's also time to sort through those summer clothes, and see which adorable items your child has too quickly outgrown!

This year, we lost three beautiful tank tops (but gained about as many inches in height!)  I decided to hang on to them, knowing that I would want to repurpose them in some way for the summer.

My Mother's Day present this year (and bear with me, this does all tie together) was an out-of-town trip to our nearest Hobby Lobby so that I could pick out fabric and other HL goodies. While there, my little mimic picked out some fabric that she loved, and I began to formulate an idea...

Using one of her now-too-short tank tops, and just under a yard of  her jersey knit fabric, I pulled together a very easy, very fast mini maxi dress.  And because I wanted it to stay easy and fast, I didn't even hem it!

 I love that we were able to get at least one more summer out of her cute tank, and she loves her new "dancing dress"

...so it's a win-win! (I love those moments!)

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