{small contest: take one} CLOSED

I'm going to give this a shot, because:
A) I really would like some great ideas
B) I really would like to thank you for taking the time to indulge me!

So here's what's going on.  I have this gorgeous antique sugar mould that I want to display in my house

...but my creative well regarding said mould has run dry.  It's got these great little cone shapes that I've used to put the following in:
Easter eggs
But I refuse to believe that's all it can be used for!

Enter: you!  Can you help me out?  Can you throw me an idea (or two) on how to utilize this piece of decor?  If I chose your idea as the most unique/intriguing, I'll send a little thank you your way in the form of an elastic headband (similar to the ones the Bluebird has been modeling on this page!)

**Please leave all suggestions by Monday, April 11.

Thanks again!

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