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So for Christmas, I received a food processor! My ultimate goal was to be able to make my own baby food for my son, and I've finally gotten around to doing so! 

I did some research, and checked out some cookbooks, and the one below is the one I decided to go with. I thought it could serve me well into his toddler years.  The recipes are quick and simple (which I like) and the authors are very down-to-earth (which I like). For me, this was the perfect book to get started with.

So far, I've made my boy his own food using carrots, mangoes, plums, peaches and apples.  I have, on stand-by, peas, edamame, green beans, and an peach/strawberry/banana mix.  After I've frozen them in the ice cube trays, I've been using my Seal-A-Meal to store them for future use.   

My boy has happily eaten everything, and even his sister got in on the fun, with a peach "Popsicle" right out of the freezer (after she repeatedly assured me that she normally doesn't eat baby food, and I repeatedly assured her that it wasn't "baby" food, it was peach in a different form). It's less time-consuming than I thought, and these recipes are a good start for me to build on! 

*this is a personal review. I am in no way affiliated with
the authors or publishers of this book.

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