{family memory jar tutorial}

Happy New Year!  It's been crazy around here, getting back from our wonderful-but whirlwind-Christmas vacay.

(I may or may not be still unpacking. You guess.)

Anyway...I'm a little slow on the crafting side right now.  But lately, as my boy delves more and more into solid foods, I'm looking at those empty glass baby jars, and thinking "Hmmmm...."

So, using one of those empty jars, here's a quick and easy tutorial to wrap up family favorite memories from 2010!

First of all, gather your supplies.  I used a baby food jar (although, any jar or container will do), stickers/rub-on phrases, scrap paper, and mod podge.

I simply traced the lid onto my scrap paper, cut out that circle, and mod podged it to the top of the lid.  I also laid a strip of paper around the inside of the jar to add color.  On the outside of the jar, I used my rub-on phrases* and stickers to label it as our 2010 family memory jar.

*Please note: using rub-ons on a circular jar while holding an eighteen pound baby does not always yield professional results.

Then I gathered the top three memories* from 2010 from each of our family.  Once I typed it out, I cut each person's into it's own strip.

*Please note: an almost-four-year-old will most likely pick three memories that have occurred within the last three minutes, and may need a little prod to dig deeper.

I rolled each strip up, and tucked it into our jar. Add the lid, wrap with a ribbon, and voila! Instant time capsule! My family will continue to add a new jar every year, and it will be fun to pull this one out next year, and see what a year has done!

So 2011, let the memory-making begin!

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