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I. Love. Christmas.

I love the decorating, the baking, the music, the goodwill...and the Christmas cards! There is nothing better than opening up your mailbox to find a hand-written envelope with a colorful stamp peeking out in between the catalogs and the bills that those catalogs lead to...

And I love being a part of the fun mail movement! Especially now that we have two charming models under the age of four that photograph exceptionally well (if I do say so myself!)

Now that's officially the Christmas season, I get the pleasure of planning out our family Christmas card.  There is so much joy for me in creating our holiday greetings.  I dream and scheme long and hard (some may say obsessively!) over the perfect layout for our photo cards.  Once the I've finally found the look, and I've placed the order, I can hardly wait to get the hard copies in my hands!

Thanks to Shutterfly, I don't have to wait long-they keep me up to date as they process my order (ideal for someone like me, who is in a constant struggle to achieve patience!) and promptly ship my order to me as soon as it's ready.

And oh, their photo card layout choices!  There are 803 options.  EIGHT HUNDRED AND THREE. When I first began to plan our card, I was downright giddy with choices!  (That's right...giddy.)

First of all, I am in love with the modern design options, including (but certainly not limited to!) these:

it seems that I am really digging the monogram look
I also love the whimsical choices, such as:

I kinda want to recreate the baby bath scene with my son...
and, of course, there is always such elegance in a classic look:

Honestly.  I can't even begin to narrow down my favorites.  Check them out for yourself by clicking here...you'll have the same problem, I promise!  Eight hundred and three choices

While I'm at it, I'm thinking I'll order some thank you cards, too.  I love being proactive, and I love that I can also personalize these with the kids' pictures.
who doesn't love knowing how much the thought that went into the gift meant to you? 
And not to ruin the surprise, but I've already got a couple of personalized calendars under my belt, too! I created these last year for my family, and they have been requested (demanded) again for the upcoming year!  This year, Shutterfly has added the option to personalize dates with an event and a photo--such a simple touch, but it makes it that much more meaningful!

I'd love to show you the one I'm working on, but my mother reads this blog,
 and I want there to be some element of surprise to her Christmas present! 
Honestly, I'm so excited about Shutterfly's holiday options...from cards to gifts, the choices are many! 

And there's nothing as special as personalizing your life. 

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